Pandemic information to support rapid response

PAIR is an EU-funded project to develop rapid and reliable detection methods for respiratory RNA viruses and foster pandemic preparedness thanks to 2 ambitious and interactive technologies: PANPOC and PANRISK.

RNA respiratory viruses often originate from animals to find new hosts in humans under specific environmental conditions.

PAIR aims to develop a pioneering, fast and fluorescence-based Point-of-Care (POC) instrument to detect respiratory RNA viruses with pandemic potential in human, animal and environmental samples, and monitor pandemic risk to raise alarm when necessary.

PANPOC and PANRISK will be implemented and validated by veterinary and clinical end-users in 5 countries: Denmark, France, Latvia, Italy, and Spain.

Based on data and information collected through these tools, new guidelines for a European One Health genomic-informed surveillance and outbreak response will also be delivered.

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